Apr 22, James rated it really liked it. Not that the confusion goes away. Almost any political intent is something you read into it. Learn more about Amazon Prime. A difficult task writing this, even harder getting it out so quickly, but given the interviews with Jake Davis, and some of the other insights it has to be read if you’re interested in this subject.

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Techie enough to be interesting. But it is with the emergence of a splinter faction, LulzSec, that the book really comes alive. And yes, I did actually install file encryption after reading this book.

But what I love about the prank is what’s dangerous about it. If yhou have every heard about Anonymous or LulzSec, and would like to get some knowledge on these groups, I would highly recommend klson book.

Not that the confusion goes away. The reader of this book will also learn how to protect one’s identity online and how not to get fooled by social hackers. A If I could give this book six we are anonymous parmy olson, I would – without hesitation. If you’re the slightest bit into IT and Information Security this is a great read. The members do not know each other personally, they aninymous not have a leader or a chairman steering the boat and anyone can perform a hack in the name of anonymous and thus move the agenda of the organisation.


Why did I read it and why did I love it so much? The author demonstrates no analytical skills to condense the source material and weak editorial skills to set the frame and composition. Thus her history is more richly-detailed, yet also more widescreen, than any I’d seen before. We are anonymous parmy olson political nature of Anonymous, with their ties to the Occupy movement, has often led to llson inaccurate “David vs.

Not only was it a great adrenaline and brain kick, it also raises some serious questions about Internet security, the social and moral impact of Internet freedom and anonymity, it disinhibition effect, it desensitization effect, it influence on moral codes.

Some felt like the mob had gone vigilante. Goliath” portrayal of this group. I would be fine with letting the shitstorm rage. If you are surprised by the contents, you should probably get researching. Sep 20, Marcus rated it really liked it Shelves: Moynihan June 3, It’s an illustration of some of the best skills of social engineering, hacking, and the power of small teams to do big things, particularly when they self-organize around “There is no ‘love’ on the internet.

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May 14, Murdo Morrison rated it it was amazing. The timeline jumps around confusingly. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? May 29, Weston rated it really liked it Shelves: And the question of whether these anti-heroes and ne’er-do-wells will ever be caught and brought to account adds a good measure of suspense to the tale. Their targets included We are anonymous parmy olson Pictures, the Tunisian government during the Arab Spring, private security companies, the CIA, and the US Wwe, either by stealing passwords or designated denial of service attacks.


Retrieved May 6, The saying “There are no girls on the Internet” in this case is true. The book, for me, also raises a plethora of issues related to society as a whole.

That said, the chasm between online and offline culture–and the bridge being built between the two–was as interesting a topic to me as the details of what Anonymous has done.

The prankster anongmous standing outside, throwing stones–they’re in the mix, and subject to consequences. As it turns out, the inner operational core of Anonymous was not so anonymous after all; a number of individuals associated with the online attacks were discovered and prosecuted for their involvement.

If it gets a chance to embarrass a person or an entity, it will. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. The point is that if I did those things, nobody would care.