QuickStart Manual The Big Picture MovingPicture is used in place of an animation camera to perform pans and zooms on high-resolution images, similar to those used by Ken Burns in his documentaries. A fully featured version of MovingPicture can be downloaded and installed in your Avid to try it out. It is quite small about KB. Simply double click on the. A new KeyFrame will be added to the Timeline, containing the framing you set using the Camera box, and the position. Try to use 16 or 24 color images for the best quality.

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The first KeyFrame is already defined for you you have to start from somewherebut you can easily change it to where you really want to start. Clicking on the close window box will cause any moves you created to be saved with stagetools moving picture project and control returned to the editor. The height and width boxes control the movie’s frame size. The window can be sized by dragging the left side, but keep in mind that the display may slow as the window gets larger.

Also, stagetools moving picture curious, were you talking to Bill Ferster bferster stagetools. A series of “key frames” can be set, each one specifying what the camera will see at some point in time. The floating Viewerto the right of the stage, previews what the camera sees, and plays the animated sequences. After Effects is a very robust compositing tool that shines in complex imaging situations, but it is overkill for doing pans and zooms on stills.


QuickStart Manual

So this seem to be an arbatory limitation which was defined somewhere and might be switched of – but I don’t know where to look for Herzlicher Gruss Uli Media Composer mkving. I give it 4 cows. Set the scanner to a resolution that will create an stagetools moving picture is close to the desired size. Inside the folder is the help file, called QuickStart.

Smooth pans and zooms on hi-res still images, direct from your Avid’s Timeline

To subscribe to StageTools News Updates, sent via email as they are issued, register at: The smaller photographs were almost impossible to work with. Saying yes will scale to existing KeyFrames stagetools moving picture the new picture’s size. Stagetoools seeing “banding” in my QuickTime DV movies. For example, an 8 by 10 inch photo scanned at DPI would yield a 1, by 1, pixel image.

It will not be able to load the image and generate an error, so just ignore it. Keep in mind however, if you magnify too far, the image may break up.

If images don’t load, it is possible that the file name may be too long on some systems, so try shorting the number of characters in the file’s name. Download older MovingPicture versions. Automatic Show Rescaling You can ask MovingPicture to make the moves track the current length of the editor’s timeline when you change the clip’s length.


Click on the Render button to render the clip. By dragging various portions of the Camera on the screen, you can control what it sees, by changing stagetools moving picture position, magnification and rotation.

StageTools MovingPicture Tutorial for Avid

It will also render as interlaced, single field, or progressive- as requested by your editor. This is what I experienced when I played them back: Select the shows you want to render, using the Shift stagetools moving picture Control keys to allow the selection of multiple files. Overall, I saved a lot of time.

You can move the time when any KeyFrame except the first one becomes active by dragging its stagetools moving picture in the Timeline to where you want it to go. Likewise, right, top and bottom arrows move the camera correspondingly. A fully featured version of MovingPicture can stahetools downloaded and installed in your Avid to try it out. Simple, easy to use and produces absolutely professional results. To find your computer ID, movibg MovingPicture. Although MovingPicture can work on images as large as 8, by 8, this will result in huge files and will take longer to render than is necessary.

How can I make the motion have no Slows?