The data displayed in the detailed window can be more easily navigated using the navigation window. Closes the currently opened patient file. Portions used under license from third parties. Automated Inventory Solutions, Inc. Important Please read this Installation Guide carefully to familiarize yourself with safe and effective usage. Select one or more patient files from the list of patients.

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Summary Graphs tab Summary data is gathered by the flow generator and stored in internal memory. Softwafe Sleep Apnea Brand: I’m not well, but I’m better. Notes can be filtered by using the Notes screen View menu. See page 39 for settings. These settings can be changed by using the arrows and, for some settings, by entering a value resscan 4.1 software into the text box.

Hello, I have just changed my computer and need to reload ResScan.

The ResScan software is free software developed by. For these products, the custom reminder cannot be set. According to certain regulations, it may be required to resscan 4.1 software patients when sending their data electronically. Implementing Changed Settings Settings changes made straight to a flow generator will be implemented as soon as you click Apply. Now running ResScan 4.


Check the serial number to make sure you have the correct device. This value is the minimum number of hours patients need to use the flow generator to demonstrate compliance.

We cannot be held liable. When you set a follow-up, it will be displayed in the Start screen if due today or overdue.

ResScan by ResMed Ltd – Should I Remove It?

Table of Contents Chapter 1. Start softwrae Patient most recent resscan 4.1 software Quick Start The Quick Start function allows you to download patient data softwwre create a report in one step as soon as a flow generator is connected to your PC or a Data Card inserted, bypassing the full workflow described below. Expand the years and months to display the days. Easy-Breathe technology combines new software. Your computer may need to be restarted. Portions used under license from third parties.

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About This Manual 3. To use this software you must have or purchase a card reader and Have adobe Acrobat Reader. Once the resscan 4.1 software have been applied, a note will be added. Close the patient file without saving changes. Creating a new note Edit a note Click a note to display the full text in the User added text section where it can be edited.


Downloaded data can be viewed in four different formats.

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From the File menu, choose Import. Viewing Notes Add extra information in body of note The first line entered in the User Added Text field is displayed at the top of the screen in the Note field.

Selecting detailed data sessions To view detailed data, go to the Detailed Graphs tab and double-click the session that you want to view. The Device Status and Settings Status fields are dynamic. Data Card Reader Drivers Note: ResMed Limited assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies that may appear in this manual.

The download process went hugely faster I resscan 4.1 software been using a Resmed S9 bipap for several years with a mirage activa lt mask. Traces displayed may include: