The best of collection Emina Jahovic 1. She debuted in as a turbo-folk singer. Crveni ruz Seka Aleksic 1. On 29 April , Anabela and Gagi Djogani divorced. Daleko Si Aca Lukas 1. In , Marina replaced Ana. Next to that, she is also the most followed west Balkan show business personality on Instagram with 1.

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She started her career inreleased ten albums and has become one of the best selling opeg most influential artists of 21st century in Serbia, as well as one of the most controversial. Limunada Emina Jahovic 1.

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She is also known in other countries, such as Iran and is widely-recognized amongst the diaspora communities of the Former Yugoslavia in Jahvic Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Lopov Indira Wmina 1. On 29 AprilAnabela and Gagi Djogani divorced. She has won numerous awards for her songs and represented Serbia at Eurovision Song Contest, coming sixth with the song “Oro”.


She initially came to prominence as the member of Tap in the mid 90s, then achieving success as a solo artist. Galama Dara Bubamara 1. Due to her appearance Bekvalac was dubbed the ‘Serbian Barbie’. Account Options Sign in.

Ljepsa Od Noci Sako Polumenta 1. The best of collection Emina Jahovic 1. Funky G were one of the first music groups promoting dance music in the region. Crveni ruz Seka Aleksic 1. Debuted inshe has become one of the best-known Serbian pop stars.

Since she has acquired enormous popularity, becoming one of the opet si s njom emina jahovic ppet performers, mainly due to her collaboration with Bosnian rappers Jala Brat and Buba Corelli. Dalje Emina Jahovic 1. emjna

Opet si s njom

Jedna noc i kajanje Jelena Karleusa 1. Voljela te il’ ne voljela. Luda za tobom Lepa Brena 1. Tacka Emina Jahovic 1.

Vila Emina Jahovic 1. Until Anabela Atijas, Gagi’s ex-wife, was a member of the group. Nema vise cile mile Djogani 1. She acquired most jahovci in with her second album Moj Beograde and it’s hit-songs Lepota balkanska and Nisi s njom. Romale Romali Ana Nikolic 1.


Since she has also been one of the judges on Zvezde Granda. Nije ovo moja noc Sasa Matic 1. She most knowably represented Serbia on the Eurovision Song Contest winning with the ballad “Molitva” with points, making her Serbia’s only Eurovision winner to date.

Songs from Similar Artists. He has lived in Belgrade since Next to her music, she is also known for live dance opet si s njom emina jahovic and is considered to be the biggest star that came from Zvezde Granda talent show.

Opet si s njom. Radije ranije Emina Jahovic 1. They became famous with their song “Samo u Snu”, launching a dance music scene in the former Jahpvic to new levels.