Bugs and cheats Pocket Academy. Make the dwelling of your dreams a reality in this apartment management sim! When a teacher teaches in a class, the stats of students in that room may raise. Pocket Academy Kairosoft Co. All structures have a maintenance cost! Unlike other things in the game, there seems to be many ways to unlock different careers paths, possibly based on what map is chosen, or other criteria. A few careers such as Astronaut require a certain number of students to successfully graduate in that career before certain structures can be unlocked.

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Events are key in raising the range of potential student types and gaining research points. Sign In Don’t have an account? There are 3 grade years, and as a new year comes in, 3rd year students will graduate. Only kairosoft pocket academy structure you need, and make sure it’s close enough to classrooms for student to get to it easily.

It is recommended to use a Career Book to give them a career. Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device kairosoft pocket academy the need of cheat tools. For spots to be formed, each structure must be within 3 squares of both of the others doesn’t have to be same one; could be two separate versions of same structure within range of the other two structures in the combo.

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Work hard and you may reach the top of the video game industry! Kairosoff section is a stub. Hiring Teachers that have points in a subject will boosts the students points in that subjects greater and faster.


Ramen Restaurant Simulator Cook ramen so delicious it can change the world!

Careers (Pocket Academy)

During an event, you pick a student to recruit people kairosoft pocket academy that event, and then a month later host the event with the people that were recruited. Slopes are needed to see the use of the “Skis” movement item. Sponsor athletic meets, art shows, and other acsdemy to attract as many students as you can and elevate your school’s prestige!

Items are special object that may be used on student to active a specific effect, with half of all items changing a stat, and the others forcing a specific change or event for the student. Teachers are an important part of your school. Some challenges you start out with, while other must be unlocked through specific criteria. Kairosoft pocket academy content is still required to be factual, tips are simply a possible route one may decide to pursue.

Try to limit travel time for students as much as possible so they do less walking and acxdemy doing.

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Sign In Don’t have an account? Rewards listed below are a 1-time effect. Will your students make it college or land their dream job? Spots are an important kairosofft of your school as they can, especially when used together at once, greatly boost the effectiveness of your structures.


When you have all the available facilities may include Bulletin Boardthen a new facility may be available for research. Unlike other things in pockdt game, there seem to be many ways to unlock different careers paths, possibly based on what map is chosen, or other criteria. Well, now’s your chance to create the ultimate dream school in this simulation smash-hit! While listed in the game filesthe following may not exist in-game:. Wish you could change a few kairosoft pocket academy Bugs and cheats Pocket Kairosoct.

There is a chance that unlocking careers is actually a completely kairosoft pocket academy process, purely based on luck. Pocket Academy Kairosoft Co. Make sure you build popular spots – refer to the Spot Guide.

The in-game manual states that new careers paths are discovered “when students enter pocoet or pass challenges” with “more lucrative paths” being more difficult.

Enjoy racing at your own pace in this racing kairosoft pocket academy management simulator. Special structures have a finite amount that can be placed at any one time, while environment and facility structures have an infinite amount that can be placed.