Juliana has begun the “burning” in Ashe ie – they’re mates , but Ashe denies his need and her importance because she and her family are criminals living in exile. I’m sure I would have felt entrenched in the vampire world had I read those books, too. Ashe is a vampire who has been cheated on by the one woman he trusted and as they say, once bitten twice shy. Touch of Temptation 7. Yet he remains obsessed with Juliana, and with finding out why her family was exiled. Ashe and Juliana play that back and forth game with each other, start a sexual relationship with each other but Ashe refuses to trust in Juliana because he doesn’t believe she’s innocent and that she’s a dirty criminal because she won’t confide in him about why she was exiled.

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Deadly is the Kiss was kindly provided to me by Netgalley. Of course she claims their innocence.

Deadly Is the Kiss – Rhyannon Byrd – Google Books

Anyway, so the story follows Ashe and Juliana as they try to find evidence against the bad guys, while they work to keep feelings out of their sexual relationship. With Ashe still denying that she is his mate and Juliana in more trouble than ever since someone wants to wipe her family off the face of the planet, the two have to work together to save her family. Books by Rhyannon Byrd.

Julianna was not in the one other book that I did read, so she was a new character to me even though she and Ashe had known each other for a year at this point.

He is unsuccessful on both counts. Boy was that an understatement. That is deadly is the kiss rhyannon byrd writing!


Deadly Is the Kiss

Not the biggest fan of Julianna in this book. Hot While this book is considered to deadly is the kiss rhyannon byrd Book 1 in the Primal Instinct World, I do highly recommend that those unfamiliar with the series go back and read at least a book or two from Primal Instinct series before attempting this one. I do enjoy the world that Ms. I dedly attracted to the aggressive side of Ashe, but I wanted to punch him in the face a few times.

Juliana has begun the “burning” in Ashe ie – they’re matesbut Ashe denies his need and her importance because she and her family are criminals living deqdly exile. With Ashe seeking her and Juliana seeking him, sooner or later they have to find each other and it will inevitably bring trouble.

In doing This review contains spoilers!!! I can’t believe I waited so long to try this author. The ending was a bit thyannon as well. But it’s only under the influence of drugs that he admits to the Burning.

Deadly is the Kiss

Juliana is in trouble. Deadly is the Kiss is the first book in the Grangers series which is in actual fact a spin off from Ms Byrd’s Primal Instinct series that I read and greatly enjoyed.

But I still didn’t like it. It was extremely hard to rate this book because it had a whole lot of conflicting Pros and Cons that created a mush for my brain. When Rhyannon announced that Rush of Pleasure would be the last in the series, I wanted to cry out because Rhyannon is an author who brings scorching kids to deadly is the kiss rhyannon byrd books with a shitload of emotion that I just love to indulge myself in.

There were times when my e-reader practically singed my fingertips for the amount of heat that Ashe and Juliana generates, their desire for one another the stuff that happily ever afters are made of.


The Burning is a change that Deschanel vampires go through deadlt they meet their destined mate. For some reason Ashe doesn’t like her and she has no idea why. Ashe Granger, the vampire hero in this novel has always intrigued me and I have always wanted to know what makes him tick.

My reasoning for such a low rating for this book is that I didn’t like the hero, I could go so far as to say that I hated him.

I new this book was an erotic novel, but I was hoping for them to at least build up the tension a little bit until it actually happened, but everything seemed too in-your-face if you get what I mean. He’s resisting hard because he doesn’t trust her, at the same time he is desperate to find out what happened to her family that resulted in their ‘fallen’ state.

Byrd has become known for is in full force between these two, and the push and pull between them was a joy to read. He wastes no time and making his move, offering no pretty words or gentle seduction but rather taking what he wants.

The night felt warmer, the air heavier…richer, as it pressed in on them. While there were references to characters from deadly is the kiss rhyannon byrd other series, you can easily follow along the action, and the story is for the most part self-contained.