Select your software version, and click the Download button below to download the self- contained Installer for Altova DiffDog. Operating System Windows, bit Windows, bit. The program worked without error on Windows 10 in our tests, compared files quickly and remained light on system resources consumption. Start a FREE day trial or activate with your purchased license key code. Select two Microsoft Word documents in Windows Explorer. Repeat any of the steps described in step 1 for the right pane.

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DiffDog Server and DiffDog. It gives you the possibility to edit difffog as well as to undo and redo your steps for any number of times. Compare and synchronize directories, database schemas and content, and much more.

DiffDog offers two diffdogg for displaying XML files: The right-click context menu offers more comprehensive merge options, including a choice to immediately open a database content comparison for the selected tables. Company News Partners Careers Legal.

You can choose to altova diffdog individual tables, groups of tables, or entire database schemas. You altova diffdog compare files either directly on the server machine where DiffDog Server is installed, or call a comparison remotely from a client machine.

Compare XML Files

Microsoft Word documents can be selected for comparison in various ways. Problem found equals diffdog solved altova diffdog I’m a DiffDog fan for life! DiffDog allows users to compare and merge differences between three files side-by-side.

Once installed on a machine in your network, DiffDog Server runs as a service.


DiffDog Server is high-performance server software that takes advantage of the power of today’s parallel computing environments to automate high-volume comparisons and generate diff reports comparing files, directories, and URLs. If the results of automatic mapping are inaccurate or incomplete, you can also manually map comparisons by dragging connecting lines diftdog altova diffdog columns.

Extension comparison mode automatically selects a specialized mode based on the file pair extension.

Comparing Database Data

Compare files to view highlighted differences and export this information to file, including audio files and database schemas or data. Altova diffdog feature is especially relevant for files managed in any source control system where two users may started from the same source file then make different changes which must be reconciled.

Dragging documents into a DiffDog Word Comparison window If you drag and drop files from the Windows Explorer into the respective panes of a Word Comparison window, the documents will be opened for comparison. In altova diffdog left pane of an existing Word Comparison window, do one of the following: DiffDog Server makes it easy to automate high-volume comparisons and generate diff reports comparing files, directories, and URLs.

Developers and other project stakeholders often want to keep a record of changes to source code and other altova diffdog files. We can click the Compare button in the toolbar to automatically connect identical elements in the two XML Schemas. A new instance to DiffDog is opened, the selected files are displayed in a Word Comparison window, and the comparison is started automatically. Note the substitution of the author element for writer, email for feedback, and so on.


Database Content Comparison Tool. In altovx example most of the changes to the version of the XML Schema altova diffdog the right simply give elements new names that will be more clear when the XML Schema and its data files are distributed through our enterprise. An active connection to a data source must exist in your project see Connecting to a Database.

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Now, the ciffdog of DiffDog is available in lightning-fast server software for easily automating large comparison jobs. DiffDog applies the correct comparison options based on file extensions, so you examine the files and merge differences altova diffdog the same functionality available when comparing the uncompressed originals.

You can select alova root elements for each XML Schema, and you can also manually connect dissimilar elements to map them, or override automatic element mappings. Enhanced Grid View displays the hierarchical structure altova diffdog an XML document through a set of nested containers. DiffDog requires the primary key column to sort the table rows before performing the actual comparison.

The comparison can even be made while directly editing contents. Difffog “component” is just a representation of the database structure from where you can conveniently select the tables or columns that are to be compared.