Ajai Alai is a powerful mantra that can lift you out of depression and anger. Unchanging Abhoo Ajoo — Unformed. We’ve chosen a particular mantra to bless each blend for your strengthened radiance and magnetic field. Anaathae Pramaathae — Unmastered, Destroyer. Desireless Agaah Adhaah — Unfathomable.

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When you are endangered or feeling weak, the mantra uplifts the soul and brings grace and greatness. Anaathae Pramaathae — Unmastered, Destroyer.

Etheric Aganj Abhanj — Unbreakable.

Ajai Alai is a powerful mantra

Thank you, Ongkar Kaur Khalsa. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Alakkh Ajai alai mantra – Unseen, Unaffected. In Kundalini yoga, chanting the Ajai Alai mantra for 40 days in your daily sadhana will give you great strength to overcome any obstacle, lifting you from negativity and re-aligning you with the Divine Vortex.


September 13, at 2: This particular mantra shifts your own vibration by bringing you into alignment with the qualities of the Divine.

Powerful Mantra – Ajai Alai -Meaning & Benefits – Meditative Mind

Ajai Alai mantra meaning: Beyond shape Ajai alai mantra Abharmang — Beyond karma. January 28, at 3: This is what is required Mantrs. Hold your hands in Sarab Gyan Mudra in front of the heart center — the fingers are interlocked with the index fingers pointing up and thumbs crossed.

Meditate Forever by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa.

We need to penetrate the hearts of everyone so they can feel hope and love again. Spirit Voyage Ordering from Spirit Voyage. May 7, Healing MeditationsMantras for Meditation. How many times should ajai alai mantra be chanted.

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Incorruptible Anaa-thay Pramaa-thay — Unmastered. Continue Reading at Meditation Pages. April 13, at 6: Merciful Alaykh Abhaykh — Indescribable. Ajai Alai — Invincible, Indestructible.


Incorruptible Anaa-thay Pramaa-thay — Unmastered. When you chant this mantra, you have the power to surpass anything. Pin It on Pinterest. Destroyer Ajonee Amonee — Beyond birth. Ajai Alai aai been composed by Guru Gobind Singh — a warrior, poet, and philosopher. This is precisely why you will feel uplifted, elevated, ajai alai mantra royal when you experience our alchemy.

Ordering from Spirit Voyage. Impenetrable Alakkh Abhakkh — Unseen. Desireless Agaah Adhaah — Unfathomable. October 15, at 7: Ajai Alai – Invincible, Indestructible.