CPL operations, performance and planning — gyroplane — Reserved. PPL Flight rules and air law — Helicopter. CTR Operate at a controlled aerodrome. PPL Flight rules and air law — Helicopter NVR1 Conduct a traffic pattern at night.

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IFL Limited instrument panel manoeuvres.

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FIR3 Conduct flight training. ATPL performance and loading — aeroplane. RPL Basic aeronautical knowledge — helicopter.

CPL aerodynamics — airship — Reserved. H6 Control helicopter during advanced manoeuvres. Section M Instrument rating and endorsements.

Section S Flight activity endorsements.

ATPL aircraft general knowledge — all aircraft categories. AA1 Aeroplane aerial application operation. CPL operations, performance and planning — gyroplane — 3d instructor 2.2.5. DFE8 Floatplane and amphibious aircraft. The title was developed by Russian studio Forward Development and is a developed version of the popular in Eastern Europe 3D applications Instructor. Comment Reply Start Topic. CPL operations, performance and planning — all aircraft categories.


H2 Control helicopter in lift-off, hover and landing.

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We also have the opportunity to try their hand at the race track for go-karts or leave the city and drive up to the mountain roads and unpaved forest roads. DFE5 Multi-engine centreline thrust aeroplane. CPL aerodynamics — helicopter AEL Aviation English language proficiency.

DFE1 Tail wheel aeroplane. ATPL flight planning — aeroplane.

Instructor rating — common. Warning and recording equipment. CPL aeronautical knowledge — powered-lift — Reserved. DFE3 Manual propeller pitch control.

Index to Competency Unit Codes.

CPL meteorology — all aircraft categories. ATPL meteorology — knstructor aircraft categories. FAE-7 Aerobatics — formation. Section R Aerial application rating and endorsements. ATPL flight rules and air law — aeroplane. G1 Control glider on the ground.

H5 Control helicopter in normal flight. Pilot type rating — aeroplane. All Aircraft Category Ratings. Power plants — turbine engine.