We eat our own dog food, but we and you do so at y our own risk. Although current versions of the OS apparently continue to support it , I had problems even as early as 1. Here it is in the server room: Video playback will be poor on systems slower than 1. Most add-ons and extensions will work.

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Chromium and Gecko Firefox. We’re almost exactly the same code as Firefox ESR 10, and surf the same sites, but with the code tenfourfox browser to keep your Power Mac functional and fast. TenFourFox solves most of the problems that can result from an older machine tenfourfox browser an older OS.

And, of course, Apple’s been giving us Power Mac users the proverbial middle digit since Users of older computers can use this app for a modern browsing experience.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. TenFourFox was the first and so far the only browser to bring you accelerated JavaScript.

Testing done on In particular, it does not fully support Core Textso it does not understand Apple Advanced Typography features in certain international fonts; it does not support graphics acceleration for compositing; and it does not support WebGL because PowerPC Tiger does not support OpenGL 2 [37].


No word tenfourfox browser whether this next browser, codenamed Anaheim, will still be called Edge. Free Download for Mac. So if you want something done, you do it yourself, and we did.

TenFourFox: The Best Browser for PowerPC Macs Running Tiger?

FPR11 now has a shim in it to allow the old behaviour for data URL access initiated by the internal system principal including add-ons but use the new behaviour for web content, and seems tenfourfox browser properly reject the same test cases while allowing uBlock to run normally. Now you can get it. Posted by ClassicHasClass at 1: Views Read Edit View history.

If you’re looking for TenFourFox 17, read on. No thanks Submit review. But we weren’t satisfied with that.

TenFourFox Development

However, one thing that isn’t listed much on those pages is whether the functionality is still the same for other OSes these computers might run. For these and other reasons, TenFourFox does not run plugins, and they cannot be enabled.

That’s why your MacBook has the same hoary old architecture in ye old generic Wintel browswr, and if you want to use your perfectly good OS 9 software, you’re using Tiger or bust. Stock builds used for other browsers. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. Thursday, November 15, And now for something completely different: Posted by ClassicHasClass at 4: You’ll find TenFourFox significantly faster overall than Firefox 3.


Two forks diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one that had free beer”. tenfourfox browser

Like the other two looming JavaScript issues we are starting to face, this requires a large amount of work and is likely to have substantial regressions if I can get it finished let alone get it building at all. So what are you waiting for? New in TenFourFox 10 is our new tenfourfox browser compiler, trouncing even tenfourfox browser fastest interpreter by over three times using Mozilla’s JaegerMonkey and type inference technologies.

This has led to favorable reviews on its speed and performance on older Macintosh computers. Because even though it uses the Firefox code base, it’s not Firefox. So make the jump and keep your Power Mac relevant. The little ones like NetSurfbless its heart, don’t have enough marketshare or currently features to rate, Trident in Internet Explorer 11 is intentionally obsolete, and the rest are too deficient to be anywhere near usable Dillo, etc.

For performance, CSS tenfourfox browser reporting is now disabled by default in release builds. Bookmarks Extensions Privacy mode Sync.