Then you can adjust it several ways, such as flipping or reversing the effect, moving it to a new position, or putting it in motion. SpiceMaster is much more than a video transitions plugin! In the install program, when prompted enter the serial number provided with your Adobe purchase. Each control is individually keyframable. Click here to BUY. F Save an Effect.

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Pixelan SpiceMaster Pro 3.0 (x64)

spicemaster pro For any of SpiceMaster’s hundreds of video transitions and effects, customize the geometry, position, direction, speed, softness, organic edge, animation, border, glow, and shadow. Acquired View My Exchange. No steep learning curve or fat manual, unlike other video FX software.

Spicemaster pro more help about each control in that window, plus cool tips and tutorials on how to apply and use SpiceMaster, please prk us at http: Click the disk to save a favorite effect to later choose it instantly in Vegas.

Premiere Pro CC 7. Reveal or hide text, titles, logos, lower-thirds, etc. The SpiceMaster window will then appear. See our other plugins, too! Easily explore hundreds of new effect variations!


Spicemaster 2.5 pro free download

This may be necessary if you have more than one version of Premiere installed, or Premiere is in a non-standard location. SpiceMaster is much more than a spicematser transitions plugin!

Choose from hundreds of professional presets plus your saved favorites via a large animated Effects Browser window. Or click the Sspicemaster to Effects Browser button to apply it later from spicemaster pro visual Effects Browser window. Double-click our installer file to run it. Hover your cursor over any control or area to see extensive context-sensitive help and tips. Sorry, we have no Mac versions currently, but may soon! Click here to BUY. Drag the transition’s edge to adjust its duration as desired.

Use this to quickly and easily make hundreds of new effect variations. The SpiceMaster effect will begin where blackest pixels reside in the spice file’s image, not ppro contentthen proceed to where lighter grays reside, and finally end where the whitest pixels exist in the spice image. All video transitions in SpiceMaster are completely customizable for position, direction, speed, softness, etc. SpiceMaster is a video transitions plugin for Windowsincluding Windows Why are you spicemaster pro this product?


Spice Library Each ‘spice’ is a specially-designed grayscale map that guides SpiceMaster. F Save an Effect. NO steep learning curve or fat manual, unlike other video FX software.

Choose from a huge range of pre-made professional effects presets.

SpiceMaster TFX

Blend and animate content, colors, highlights, effects, etc. Click here to be email-notified. In the install program, when prompted enter the serial number provided with your Adobe purchase. In the Premiere Pro timeline, click the SpiceMaster transition you applied to activate it. All controls and features can be explored in the demo for an unlimited time. Or switch epicemaster “Progress via: Click here to be email-notified.