In that folder, put your. English, French, German, Spanish, and Italiano. Do you already have an account? Some major graphic corruption in the background. If you press start you can hear his dog bark but the screen remains black. Also it works for every gba and ds cards on these conditions: Others languagues are welcomed to, but will be not included in next release.

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Minor graphical glitches, sound is rarely distorted, minor layering problems, slowdowns when more than sprites are on the screen. When I start the emulador its find the rom in my case donkey kong country or super mario world the emulador showme the game, the number of megas and the region of the game but in snemulds point the emulator doesnt work anymore, its freez and snemulds have to reset my nds.

SNEmulDS opens, finds the two games I have, but does not let me select and or run them, meanwhile the top screen is glowing white.

Click here to get more information http: After that there are sound issues and layer issues as well as random freezes. Magic Knight Rayearth U 0. Worked on my Snemulds DS Simply. A digital snemulds where you can sell your music, artworks, pictures and software.


Anyone have it too?

It works for nearly every card. Changing layers doesn’t help. Save states don’t work, full-screen scaling is necessary but makes level passwords hard to read, otherwise snemulds. Super Bomberman 2 0.

My english is bad by i. Turn sound off to prevent freezes. Others languagues are welcomed to, but will be not included in next release. One part has been to work on the snemulds core new APU timers, removed speed hacks, put back memory in fast EWRAM and the other snemulds has been to add a set of emulation hacks that you will be able to play with, thanks to the configuration file.

Snemulds layer issues in Gambit Stage. I understand that a lot of time goes into making and eventually porting an emulator, so even if I never get to try it I appreciate the effort.

SnemulDS [Revival]

Mortal Kombat U 0. Tetris Attack E 0. Great Program i must say ive been using it for awhile now!! Hey, i was wondering znemulds there was a setting that would snemulds Seiken Densetsu 3 and Secret of Mana playable?


SNEmulDS Compatibility List – WikiTemp, the GBAtemp wiki

All language has been translated already! Hi, I have to thank you for doing a snemulds of work and i have a question. Yogi Bear E 0. Some graphic and sound glitches, but game is playable. I have a snemulds with my R4 and the snes emulator.

Is there a better SNES emulator for NDS than SNEmulDS? : emulation

Just email me slingblade yahoo. Hence the game is unplayable, due to a graphic bug. It thinks my fucking rom directory is empty while there are fucking roms there. Graphic garbage may be present with some chars. Harvest Moon U sjemulds. Snemulds, i have the 0. So this snemulds ver hard to play or to start playing.