Just like a majority of Balkan folk music, Sevdalinka features very somber, minor -sounding modes , but unlike other types of Balkan folklore music it more intensely features minor second intervals, thus hinting at Oriental makams and the Phrygian mode. There are Sevdah songs written and sung by men as well. Traditionally, Sevdalinka-s are women’s songs, most addressing the issue of love and longing, unfulfilled and unfortunate love, some touch on a woman’s physical desire for her loved one, and some have various comic elements. Gusle su instrument koji je dio epske tradicije. Sevdalinka Bosniak culture Bosniak history Bosnia and Herzegovina music history Bosnia and Herzegovina folk music Bosnia and Herzegovina culture Bosnia and Herzegovina music World music genres Turkish words and phrases. Prestanite se poigravati s BiH.

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Kako da razlikujemo odakle je pjesma? Gusle su instrument koji je dio epske tradicije. As with most old folk styles, it is pure assumption what the sound of original melodies were like, as in modern days their interpretations are fully aligned to the Western chromatic system due to instruments used for accompaniment whereas Oriental modes often use intervals smaller than a semitone.

This is why the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Muslim people as creators and as shapers of sevdalinka are very proud of this song, for they have not only enriched European culture but also contributed sevdalinke za the intellectual treasure of mankind. Prolegomena povodom gramofonskog snimanja bosanske narodne poezije. Although sung mainly by traditional Bosniak singers, the Sevdalinka made its way to many “mainstream” musicians.

Sevdalinka portrays the whole life spiritual tradition and lifestyle of Sevdalinke za people with clarity and vividness.

Te pjesme su naprosto cirkulisale. The singer of sevdalinka yearns for the embrace of the one who is the object of his desire and by whom his entire soul sefdalinke consumed.


On se spominje u sevdalinkama, ali nije dominantan. Sevdalinka songs are very elaborate, emotionally charged and are traditionally sung with passion and fervor. At the beginning of the sixteenth century, dozens of urban settlements were established throughout Bosnia with all the material aspects of urban civilization, from which source and inspiration the music and oral lyrics sevdalinke za sevdalinka were drawn: Jasno je da je ona pjesnikinja i da je pisala.

The interpretation of an original sevdalinka is always a deep and intimate process of re-evaluating emotions in their complexity, and re-examination life and its meaning. Its creators, interpreters and singers immerse themselves in a happier, more sensual world. Muzej Bosanske krajine Banjaluka. Its depth of imagery and emotional content are important dimensions that distinguish it from other love poetry and related genres.

These are the best song sevdalinka singers and interpreters of this time: This is sevdalinke za difference between sevdalinka and other types of European folk poetry. Other defining characteristics of this music are its employment of melismatic passages in singing, the use of predominantly minor scales, the ancient ornamentation of the melody and the rare practice of solemnization — the naming of the notes of a scale by syllable instead of letters e.

Institut sevdaha, Sevdalinke za Music of Southeastern Europe the Balkans.

Preminuo Safet Isović

The emotional but sevdalinke za precise quotation of the aforementioned German Slavist Gerhard Geseman, who was deeply moved by sevdalinka, is the most accurate: Due to the lack of trustworthy documents, sevdalinka, for those who fully understand must be assumed to be an authentic description of real life and the traditions of social life in Bosnia at the time of the Turkish rule. Sevdalinka is in fact the exaltation of love.


Jednog dana pitala ga. All previous research into sevdalinka has included at least partially, simultaneous aural and philological investigation, which has enabled at least appreciation, if not full understanding of the magic of this fringe genre of folk art. Tri godine, aman, aman! For the greater sevdalinka is a poem about the desire for love and about unfulfilled sevdalinke za.

Sevdalinka, pjesma urbane sredine | Muzika | Al Jazeera Balkans

Although sevdalinka originates from the sevdalinke za desires of sevealinke soul, it also represents a radiant, creative and intellectual feat of mankind. Univerzitetske diplome iz svadbenog salona. A superficial view alone of sevdalinka and philological and textual structure of sevdalinka is sufficient to recognize the influence of the rich Islamic culture, and the numerous loan words from three oriental languages namely Arabic, Turkish, and Persian.

Its cultural ambience, local description, both subjectivity and objectivity elevate zs sevdalinka far beyond sevdalinke za emotions of love and make it a celebration of the urban, material, and spiritual life of modern Bosnian-Herzegovinian people. Sevdalinka portrays all the aspects of the intellectual tradition in the life of Bosnian people: Therefore it is necessary not swvdalinke to analyze sevdalinka in a musicological, ethnographical, ethnological, philological context but also to focus on its creative origins.

Kuba Ludvig, Pjesme i napjevi iz Bosne i Hercegovine.