In the fourth track, Heaven Is My Alibi , the symbols of space and stars are used very charmingly. Newer Post Older Post Home. As if western culture is not exactly the same. I’m deeply touched wow damn. Login Create a Profile. Irving Staff Reviewer September 7th Comments.

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Related to space, stars are also brought up in another song, albeit more briefly.

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It’s just my unprofessional opinion, although I guess in this case you don’t really need much more than a paragraph because my sense of the album is it’s not really worth writing more than that about it. Tyrael September 9th Comments. I thought this was another stupid Snoxall definitive list.

And who can forget the titular song, Scandinavia?

Michael Learns To Rock – Scandinavia – KKBOX

Illuminati Hotties – Kiss Yr Frenemies. Even fewer still have succeeded at sustaining audience turn-outs comparable to that of previous years at their live shows, with Asian attendance numbers frequently displaying a trend of plummeting rapidly after the initial burst of popularity has scandinavja down. Since then, I was hooked. Tony Tries to Tango 3. MisterTornado September 7th Comments. This elegance of sound that I speak of is echoed in the other songs.


I would like to discuss more on this sometime. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. Most telling, perhaps, is the fact that the strongest tracks on the record mltr scandinavia renovate my life the more upbeat numbers, which is completely out-of-character for a band that is best known for its vast repertoire of karaoke-worthy ballads. Actually it was a deliberate choice to not talk about the actual songs too much.

Renovate My Life Lyrics Michael Learns to Rock( MLTR ) ※ Mojim Lyrics

Tweet Recent scandinvia by this author. I was completely in love with MLTR, and that was why I shamelessly asked for their new album for my birthday album this year. Good review, although I kind of feel like it would be better to devote more than 1 paragraph out of 5 to the album you’re reviewing. Hi Chi, thank you so much, as well as for sharing on Facebook!

In the fourth track, Heaven Is My Alibithe symbols of space and stars are used very charmingly. Hopefully I’ll scandinavix able to return to full time writing soon, and the rust will not be too evident then. However, I’ll mh to re-send the document to you as Asiman has kindly pointed out a factual error.


There’s no way I can leave out a single word in your review when transferring it to our fanbook! To zoom in, Renovate My Life is a song whose lyrics I admire greatly. Chi Nguyen August 16, at Irving Staff Reviewer September 9th Comments.

The latter is rather sad, really, and I feel the same love of a father in Crazy Worldalthough that seems to be less on his daughter than of the turbulent, uncertain world we live in, and the insecurity of the lives we lead, although he commends his daughter for being a strong, independent woman. NightProwler September 8th Comments. Irving Staff Reviewer September 8th Comments. Brostep Emeritus September 8th Comments.


In Please Forgive Meit renovat Tuesday, August 14, Album Discussion: Login Create a Profile. We’re still at it in full force.

Hope everyone’s doing well.

There is one song you definitely cannot miss out on in the album—the more rock-style Shanghaid In Tokyo.