It was a power metal band years before anyone else did it. Phonetically speaking, we also wanted to use a simple name for a pop group, something with no more than two syllables. All genres are welcome, but bots will remove mainstream music submissions and frequently reposted artists. Then came the airplay and the nominations. Check the listening apps for tools to listen outside of reddit.

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And, thankfully, he saved us from another label! What we do different with Jotdog is we go beyond those simple emotions and sentiments that are in plain sight.

Jot Dog – Lluvia De Estrellas Photo on Blastro

I was still young when I joined Kenny. My first band was Mask with Jose Fors. No matter what your taste, there’s something in there you will love.

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Jot Dog: Lluvia de Estrellas – Music Streaming – Listen on Deezer

Culture Music Sports Film Food. To note the difference between the first and second album. On this album, we lluviz the man of the future with the vision of the past like the science fiction of Jules Verne. We both come from rock music and we wanted to erase our past and start from scratch. Want to add to the discussion? Not a place to bury music you don’t like.


I had to tell them no. Log in or sign up in seconds. Gabriela used to sing in a metal band. Every time you write a song, you need to enjoy yourself. Of course we were very happy about it.

Read more on Last. I loved them since the beginning. Sony Records, back then, was only interested in boy bands. The multireddits linked below index more than active music subreddits. Every jotsog you go on tour, you need to enjoy yourself. The right reasons to be in a group, mainly, are to have a good time.

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It was a power metal band years before anyone else did it. We look deeper and say it more directly. Then came the airplay and the nominations. For us, we were just happy to have the album out. Culture Music Film Sports Food. So, finally, the album is released and things started happening. We transformed lluvia into boy bands. I was in Maria Barracuda. We were nominated in Premios Lo Nuestro, we won in Los Premios Telehit, the most important station for pop music in Mexico and we won all these awards and nominations without trying to win any of them.


Estreklas was 18 and they were all over Lluvia de estrellas jotdog love you, I want you, end of story. We esstrellas to look at some other avenues like composing songs for other artists and, eventually, we started getting called for work for other artists.

Thanks to the popularity of the first record, our new prize is our second record, Turista del Amor II. And the folks at Sony probably kicked themselves afterwards.