Sidi reminds him that she’d marry him any day if he’d agree to pay the bride price. Sidi appears, bearing a gift. I had to read this for one of my courses. Reading more of the Nobel Laureates plays that I got from the library. I am not sure how could a teacher actually take ho I think though the book was written in English, its setting was purely african. What will win out: Sadiku changes techniques, saying that if Sidi does not want to be his wife, will she be kind enough to attend a small feast in her honour at his house that night.

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Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Sidi starts playing around with Baroka. It concerned about a teacher named Lakunle who wants to change the way of the locals but don’t know how to go about it. Then they dance the Baroka story, showing him at his prime and his eventual downfall.

I don’t know how to feel about this book. She steals money from Lakunle’s pockets and pays the tye. Then he tells her that he plans to take a new wife, but that he would let her be the “sole out-puller of my sweat-bathed hairs”. Soyikna thought-provoking play by the first African author to win the Nobel Prize in Literature.


He tells the defeated wrestler to get the fresh gourd by the door. Lakunle replies, saying that he told her not to carry loads on her head or her neck may be shortened. Then Sidi mentions that she was here for the supper. I am not sure what Soyinka was trying to say. The themes and characters are so representative of different cultures and although there is a story, this play really conveys more than just the average small novel. lion and the jewel by wole soyinka

The Lion and the Jewel

To seduce Sidi, Baroka flatters her, extols her First published inthe Lion and the Jewel by Wole Soyinka, is a play, with comedy plot. Baroka throws his wrestler and Sidi celebrates Baroka’s victory. Sadiku tells Lakunle he’s unattractive and reminds him that he could marry Sidi soon if he paid the bride price.

Sidi and Sadiku slip away. Sadiku herself gets to dance the final “scotching” of Baroka.

Baroka wins the match again and sends his wrestler away. Lakunle is overcome with emotion, and after at first expressing deep despair, he offers to marry her instead, with no bride-price since she is not a virgin after all. Sadiku enters the square, pulls out a carved figure of Barokaand laughs. Lakunle is outraged, and plans to bring the case to court. She draws an example, asking if he was her father, would he let her marry a person like him?


African Nobel Laureate in literature, Soyinka, wrote this book when he was still a very young man, and the work showcased what a literary genius he already was. Lakunlethe western-educated schoolteacher, sees her, runs from his classroom, and takes Sidi’s pail. Refresh and try again. Works by Wole Soyinka. It is set in the Yoruba vilage of Ilunjinle.

The Lion and the Jewel – Wikipedia

Aug 20, Whitlaw Mugwiji rated it really liked it. The wrestler quickly recovers and a new match begins jeael. In the market that night, Lakunle and Sadiku wait for Sidi to return. The Lion and the Jewel by Wole Soyinka. Jan 01, Maria added it. This part of the novel is very interesting because they both love Sidi in a different way, and the same as both ideals of thinking want the center of the culture to be theirs.

He then takes the opportunity to take more photos of Sidi.