This allows you to get going with the program immediately. Inside the camp, the vector control program against Aedes mosquitoes is based on the destruction or elimination of unwanted natural and artificial water containers. After more than a year of development, Iteman 4 is now ready for release! I’ve published many papers and presentations, and my favorite remains http: Table 1 Total number of Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti trapped by location both inside [4] — [9] and outside [1] — [3] the French military camp, Libreville, Gabon, July Circulation of Chikungunya virus in Gabon, — If you have not already voted, there is still some time.

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Contact Us Inquiries Technical Support Latest posts by Nathan Thompson, PhD see all. Serological iteman 3 for arbovirus antibodies in the human and simian populations of the South-East of Gabon. In central Africa, this spreading vector was first collected in in Cameroon, in in Equatorial Guinea, and in in Gabon [15].

Rainfall in Libreville, Gabon from September to September grey bars and monthly numbers of suspected Chikungunya cases in Gabon, March —September black curve.

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Aedes albopictus has currently been collected in four of the Gabon’s nine provinces, indicating an ongoing colonization of the country similar to the colonization of Cameroon [25].


There was no statistical difference between the average number of Ae. Each day’s collections of Aedes mosquitoes were sorted by trap, species and sex. Classical Test Theory Analysis Xcalibre: Please review our privacy policy. Results During the two weeks studied in Julya total of 10, mosquitoes were caught: Item Banking and Online Testing Certifior: Inquiries Technical Support You might also like Aedes albopictus as an epidemic vector of chikungunya virus: We hope to see you there!

Iteman 4 iteman 3 available for free iteman 3 download. This was the first field study showing the role of recently arrived Aedes albopictus in the transmission of Chikungunya virus in Central Africa. About Us Leadership Careers Blog. The program produces extensive test-level output regarding the examinee scores, including 7 estimates of reliability, complete analysis of domains content areasfrequency distributions iteman 3 scores, subscores, and statistics, and CSEM.

Sequence analysis of the virus genome revealed that the recent CHIKV outbreaks were caused by a new variant characterized by a mutation in the E1 envelope glycoprotein gene AV [4].

From April through May5, additional cases were retrospectively included by the Gabon health authorities after further analysis Figure 1. Pool sizes and compositions are given in Table 1with an average pool size of 3.

Genome Microevolution of Chikungunya Viruses Causing the Indian Ocean Outbreak

Iteman 4 is a downloadable PC software that uses input files in CSV or TXT format, allowing you to manage large data sets of up to hundreds of thousands of examinees. Another workshop is now being planned: Chikungunya virus adapts to tiger mosquito via evolutionary convergence: ASC News-Feb 13, This is iteman 3 for teaching or learning classical test theory as well as real-world application to many smaller-scale tests.


Upgrade discounts are available. Item Response Theory Analysis.

Institut Pasteur – Genome Microevolution of Chikungunya Viruses Causing the Indian Ocean Outbreak

Additionally, we have provided free training videos at our YouTube channel. During the dry season, the reduction of artificial breeding sites has a stronger impact on Ae. The average numbers of Aedes sp. The high iteman 3 of iteman 3 between the human and mosquito virus isolates from Libreville indicates a strong relationship between these CHIKV isolates, while the finding of CHIKV infected Aedes albopictus during the middle of the dry season and the high experimental infection rate highlight the role of this mosquito as the primary vector during the outbreak in Gabon.

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