This word processor article is a stub. A third palette may consist of habitat words such as “jungle”, “desert”, or “grasslands”. Integrate All Communications IntelliTalk also goes beyond voice communications with fully integrated unified communications options that provide enhanced communication and superior collaboration tools you can rely on to stay connected with customers, partners, and suppliers. For example, one palette might consist of pictures of animals from different habitats. Both versions offer a variety of standard and optional features that enable users to optimize workflows by leveraging unified communications at their desk or from a smartphone while on the move. This page was last edited on 13 July , at


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IntelliTalk 3 : Spectronics – Inclusive Learning Technologies

Using these palettes, a student iintellitalk create sentences by selecting the appropriate words and graphics. IntelliSyn installs and configures the end-to-end solution and provides user applications for smartphones, laptops, and tablets. IntelliTalk 3, the most recent version, has features that include:.

Please ignore this spam prevention link No bots please. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. IntelliTalk is easy to set up, manage, and maintain. Once IntelliTalk is configured to fit your business, employees can use a single number to make or receive calls wherever they intellitzlk. Text can be read back to the student — a word, a sentence or a page at a time allowing them to hear if they have left out or misspelled a word.

IntelliTalk, II – The Next Generation in Word Processing

Integrated word prediction features available across all Classroom Suite tools include context topics, phonetic spelling, recent word lists, grammar rules, custom dictionary and imported word lists, flexible display options, smart punctuation and in the network version network-stored word prediction options and preferences.


IntelliTalk offers crystal-clear voice and desktop-to-cloud collaboration tools you can use anywhere, any time. A third palette may consist of habitat words such as “jungle”, “desert”, or “grasslands”.


Working seamlessly with Overlay Maker, overlays will be automatically attached to nitellitalk. It will eliminate long distance charges. This word processor article is a stub.


For example, during a follow-up lesson on a story, one student can use the standard keyboard to complete comprehension questions, while a second student answers the same questions by touching a word palette or key on IntelliKeys. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. It has been integrated into IntelliTools Classroom Suite.

Since so many students rely on auditory cues and graphics to help support written language, participants will see how the ability to combine graphics and text in an open-ended way, significantly enhances reading and writing skills. Choose the Ideal Configuration and Options This complete, turnkey voice calling solution is available as IntelliTalk SMB for businesses with up to eight extensions or IntelliTalk Enterprise for businesses with nine or more extensions.

Since on-screen palettes are scanable, switch users are able to access activities made with IntelliTalk II. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, in addition to traditional word processing functions, IntelliTalk II is also a powerful and flexible authoring tool in its own right. Overlay Maker is needed to print out or modify the overlay. By combining speech, graphics, and text, IntelliTalk II has boldly gone where no accessible word processor has gone before.

And IntelliTalk Enterprise can scale to a virtually unlimited number of extensions. Participants will experience the creativity that’s unleashed when students combine text, speech, graphics, and sound as well as discover how the intellialk features in this enhanced version of IntelliTalk allow teachers to take a more proactive role in creating multi-media materials.


Contact us today to get IntelliTalk for your business! IntelliSyn simplifies the design, deployment, and management of advanced, secure, desktop-to-cloud business communications networks with a complete portfolio of IT solutions and services customized to your business needs. Every time you open your document, the appropriate overlay is sent.

What is “intellitalk”

Those attending this hands-on session, will see how IntelliTalk II, used with IntelliKeys, a mouse or a switch, can lift student’s creativity and written expression to a new level of achievement. Instead of making an overlay and then using it with a word processor, you can now create an activity in IntelliTalk II and automatically generate overlays for IntelliKeys, along with scanable on-screen keyboards.


Students soon become their own editors as they listen to and correct their work. This page was last edited on 13 July intellittalk, at Graphics can be placed into your document as an illustration or used as a rebus font in which the graphic is read as if it were text.

Service Spotlight: IntelliTalk

You must be logged in to post a comment. Students can also access Spell Check, change font sizes and colours, hear text read aloud, erase, save or print with the touch of a single key. It will completely integrate with any computer OS!