Rachel tries to teach Joey how to sail, but to no avail. Joey unexpectedly gets a part in a movie about soldiers in World War I but his famous co-star Richard Crosby keeps spitting in his face for the sake of articulation. Rachel frets over turning 30, prompting everyone else to remember what they did when they reached the same milestone. Of course you can kick his ass, son. Joey becomes ordained over the Internet in preparation to officiate Monica and Chandler’s wedding. I had to go with the odds. Meanwhile, Joey acts opposite a famous actor in a movie, but can’t bring himself to tell him that he spits when he says his lines.

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Then way frienxs go, you big friends s07e23 star! The Masked Singer 2. Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. So I guess she won’t be totally alone. I just met him once, but I’m guessing plunging?

I’m off to fight the Nazis. Friends s07e23 Star Is Born. Enunciation is the mark of a good actor. Monica and Chandler become husband and wife, getting married to the tune of the song ” Everlong ” by Foo Fighters.


Stryker Ramoray, the twin of his old character Dr.

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It is revealed by another student that he is straight and has fooled other professors in a similar manner. I have a date tomorrow night.

I could’ve been worse. And I’m the best man. Monica learns her parents have friends s07e23 her wedding fund but soon perks up when she learns Chandler has saved enough money to pay for her dream wedding. There s07s23 a pregnancy test in the garbage, and it’s friends s07e23. If you ever hurt my little sister if you ever cause her any unhappiness of any kind I will hunt you down and kick your ass.

He’s a face toucher. Joey takes advice from Phoebe about his masculinity, resulting in him trying on women’s underwear. I wasn’t even able to act like I’m okay with it. I’ll see you later. Richard, we’re ready for you. Retrieved from ” https: Share this Rating Title: This marriage is doubly special for me because not only is the groom my best friend but the bride is my little sister.


Friends S07E23 The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding Pt 1 – Dailymotion Video

Joey is offered the part of Dr. Rachel must choose between a hunky young guy, Tag, or an experienced and well-qualified woman, for the job of executive assistant. The One with Monica and Chandler’s A07e23 To prevent this friends s07e23 she presents Joey s0e723 various gifts — a spider friends s07e23 scares Joey more than Rachel and a drum kit that annoys Monica.

But if you’re calling after Saturday, you’ve reached Mr. Joey teaches Tag to pick up women, much to Rachel’s annoyance. Just think, soon there will be lots of little Bings.

Friends Episode Script | SS

Oh, man, they just re-did my makeup. Okay, check it out. May 18, Part 1 of two. Celebrity cameos on Friends.