Therefore, in order to play this map, you have to use an older patch. People still play the latest version sometimes. Jul 22, Messages: Yeah the original dota on wc3 is quite active and a few versions are being updated. Feb 6, Messages: Yes, my password is: Many of us have families, and just do not have the time to used to a new game dota2 , so we just play warcraft data.

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Jul 22, Messages: Yes, my password is: Dota2 is too ugly.

Internet Cafe: Warcraft 3 Maps (1/3)

Choose which entry should win in the 19th Terraining Contest Poll. Maybe someone can please confirm this?

FluxJan 22, Jan 16, Messages: You must log mwp or sign up to reply here. Still play it sometimes on RGC. Jan 19, Messages: DotA AI maps supported by Warcraft 3 v1.

Dota v6.78c AI 1.4e

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DukeJan 22, Mar 21, Messages: Wx exploit fixed in the current patch. But insisting on using the and saying it is in any way comparable to modern PCs would be insane.



It is impossible to update it because dota 2 has features wc3 cannot support. How is it unfair?

Log in or Sign up. It’s Chinese though I suppose that’s the version? Nov 23, Messages: MyPadMar 21, I am sure an old PC is inferior to the one you currently have, in literally every single way, and there is no shame or unfairness in it.

DotA d AI PMV – Download dota ai map stable

While i have not played dota2, i feel using the word inferior to describe it is really unfair, as while graphically it may be old, it is still a truly fantastic map that really challenges people’s sota awareness q3x ability to remove themselves from individual fights of course this is only possible with in-house games, if we played ent many of these things would not be possible.

I played wc3 DotA and it was literally painful, because instead of focusing on the gameplay, Dota v6 78 ai w3x map had to deal with stupid wc3 limitations that, again, no sane person would include in their game.


There is also this project: People still w3 the latest version sometimes. No, create an account now. DOTA 2 has a better engine, looks better, is easier to maneuver but harder to play because you’ll play against better players than if you play DotA 1doesn’t suffer from the ” items in 10 shops” problem, doesn’t have stupidly spaced hotkeys that no sane person would come up with, doesn’t have a ton of wc3-related bugs and limitations, has a decent matchmaking system, etc.

Therefore, in order to play a map, you have to use an older patch. HappyTaurenJan 4, HappyTaurenJan 22, FluxJan 8, Dat-C3Jan 4,