Fixed bug on gank cancel, gank change target. Lasts 6s and has a cd of 30s. Pipe being used randomly Fixed: Mana Bars for 1. Now gem costs gold Added teleport function to defend lv2 towers.

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Fixed bug in AI doesn’t destroy gem properly. Tweaked the item caching, now completely support Syllabear.

Dota Imba Legends Ai

Creates illusions of all enemy units in the target area. Fixed AI strange behavior caused by Wand.

Mana Bars for 1. Warcraft III Patch 1. Improved the following AI: Fixed the following heroes’ AI: Disable with command -aimsg during the game. DotA 1 to 2. Windrunner group lost bug removed.

Dota imba v3.82d AI

Minor bugfixes on item system. Random Skill get any dtoa random skills to your hero -dm: Every hero gets increased movement speed, regeneration, damage, and all bonuses from the fountain.


Fixed AI for following: Illusions cannot be selected, controlled, attacked or damaged. I am not responsible for any kind of malfunctioning of program.

[Map] Dota imba vd AI

Fixed several bugs in laning and teleporting. Unless a unit has equal or more gold than you do, it cannot kill you. Pandaren’s Earth Panda not running away on Imab low health Tweaked AI teleporting on tower defense, AI gank system.

Fixed bug in item system regarding quelling blade on melee-ranged hybrid heroes. These items are very expensive.

Added -cneu same function as -cneut Fixed Scourge AI going to forbidden lanes specified by -nm -nt -nb Fixed: Also a minor fix to the official code Minor tweak on AI behaviour vota AI assisting. Reduces self and enemy’s armor by 6, lasts 7s and has a cd of 7s. Added auto-lane distribution system. This dota imba 3.82 map was an equal nightmare and a new hope for a better times.


Camera Hack for 1. Popular Posts DotA 6.

▷ Dota Imba Legends Ai ++ Official Ai Map Download ++

New AI auto-lane balance 7. A29K – Reverse Polarity: Pulled AI fountain waypoint backward nearer to fountain. You are also able to get First Blood and experience by killing allies.