As for patching the game, you need to have a legally obtained ISO of the original game, and then use the included patcher to patch it. The crash has nothing to do with the translation patch. Hey everyone, looks like we got a lot of questions while I was sleeping. You need to put the output in a different place than the input. Sporky mate, I have tried that guide, I have even tried another 2 or 3 that follow the exact same steps pretty much, but step 6:

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Digimon World Re: Digitize for PSP finally gets an English translation

So Romsstar should we be calling Shenanigans that you had BanchoLeomon by the time you were learning to fish? Yami i had same problem has you, i was patching the game fos SUbbed version and it always froze pattch imputing name, so i patched for dubbed version and has been working fine so far. My second language is English, so I followed you guys work since the begining, and I am very tankfull.

A well deserved up yours!

Digimon World Re:Digitize Full ENG Patched PSP GAME ISO | Downzoneku

I think i speak for all of us when i say this… Thank you so much for your hard work. To my knowledge, there is no XDelta build for Android.


Thanks a lot for your hard work! Black screen and my psp turns off. Vex, I managed to rs rosemon using a nearly maxed wargreymon-x with the most powerful skills it can use. Congratulations on a successful end to a 3 year project and. Can we get some clarification on that? Pick a folder and type a name ending in. I downloaded digijon patcher and patches but then what? In that sense i guess its legal to download the Iso from the web.

After I had keyed in my name, the game crashed. Romstar and your team thank u very very much. What do i do? To those who are having digimon world re digitize english patch psp save kb loop issue and are just told to press circle. I know this is going to sound stupid but what do I put into the updater for it to work? Thank you once again for the team who made the impossible happen: Agumons crash of death.

It starts well, but then it blocks and crashes as soon as I oatch the character name… Please can someone tell me if there is a way to dgimon the problem?

Maybe I have to update it…. Great job guys, thank you for your effort with this patch! Im trying to create a save game but it stillno save data found alteast kb of free space are required to create save data, each time it tries to check save data what should i do help please. Digimon adventure for PSP would be amazing. I use jap iso,should i change the iso? Thank you a lot and happy birthday! However, i do not think digimon world re digitize english patch psp wanna mail about your problem.


But I tried patching the UMD and its doing something now, delta patch, so hopefully this works…. You people are really good at what you do so thank you for that and for this!

Thanks for pointing them out again, but all are known and fixed already. Or will downloading the patch allow me to play the game on a computer without purchasing the game? Select it with the input button. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on this translation project!