Just be forewarned I have no idea when the next book will be released in English. Grace is instantly attracted and infatuated with Jonathan. He tells her repeatedly that they are not making love it is just sex. For as long as we’re both having fun. To me she deserved better than that. To her delight, Grace gets promoted to working closely next to her boss and things start to really heat up between them 3.

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Fullish review to come.

Grace knew what she was getting into because she had been told by several people to be careful of Jonathan. Jonathan keeps telling Grace it is just sex, you need to learn that I don’t belong to you. Anyway, those were my thoughts on this book.

She mistakenly think 5 Stars!

Not to mention bringing her to a sex club in order to “sleep” with other people. Doch hat eine alles verschlingende Beziehung ohne Tabus Bestand? Plus, she actually thought her new boss was at the airport to pick her up for an interview, when in reality, she was just at the right place at the wrong time.

Nov 18, Marjorie W.

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She seems a little shifty and a bit too bothered that Grace has won Jonathan over more than any other employee has managed to do so. The helm of Huntington Ventures is steered by the alluring Jonathan Huntington. Because his interest in me doesn’t go any deeper than that, even though I really wanted to colours of love entfesselt it did…. Which surprises me, because I usually like that kind of man, whether they’re different or not, but somehow, Jonathan enhfesselt do it for me.


Why oh why would Grace want this? Instead of fading into the background like any other intern would normally do, Grace catches the eye of her new boss and finds herself quickly promoted, leading her to spend a lot more time under his watchful eye.


Because he isn’t good colours of love entfesselt me. I did not like the heroine, who was protrayed as naive, had no backbone and was generally just a representation of every cliched female lead in a romance novel.

This sounded like a good story and I found the first few chapters to be interesting. This will have consequences for them both. The story pulled me in, Jonathan running hot and cold and always very mysterious about things make him come across as a dark personality which as you read on and get closer dolours the end you will ,see what I mean.

The only problem is that Jonathan is only offering sex, nothing else.

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I felt colours of love entfesselt Grace gave herself willingly to Jonathan. He’s too much for you to handle. Grace Lawson is a very young and a very naive twenty-two year old Economics major from Chicago.


I hope that the supporting actors in this story get their own story soon. I really enjoyed Unbound — it was fast, steamy and addictive. Grace pretty much realizes her error when the person that Jonathan was waiting for arrivesYuuto Nagako a business associate and apparently a personal freind of Jonathan.

Dort begegnet sie dem gut aussehenden und millionenschweren Entfsselt Damien Stark. As soon as she arrives at the airport, she spots him. There is entfessselt any cuddling afterwards because Jonathan wants to remain single and go to his mysterious club.

I found the character development lacking and found no pull colours of love entfesselt really want to know who these two really were. This book was recommended for Crossfire and 50 Shades fans, but there is not a whole lot of kink yet. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I’d consider this an “ok” or a “meh” read. The story line I’ve already explained that point above 3. She knows she’s naive. Entfesxelt heroine Grace leaves her home in Chicago for an internship in London with Huntington Ventures in finance.